About us
  ¡@¡@Founded in 1988,PHICO® is a professional producer for electronic components. We are primary specialist in innovating and producing a variety of pins for semiconductors and electronics. In order to strategically locate to better work with the customers we serve, we have established the production facilities in China and Malaysia, and our corporate office in Taiwan. Today, we are the one of the major pin manufactures in the world.
¡@¡@Based on our customer-oriented business strategy, we focus on customer's needs, supply high quality products, and delivery order just in time (JIT).
¡@¡@According to our business philosophy, we strive to create new process of production in order to providing high quality and lower cost to our valuable customers. Moreover, we innovate technology and create the field of product applications for increasing competitiveness to reach our goal, to improve electronic industry development.
¡@¡@However, we also recognize the importance of environment protection. We committed to establishing and maintaining an environmental-friendly system throughout our operation.

Product & Service overview

1. Specialization of precision cutting and forming:
forming jumper wire, Cutting Wire¡Ketc.
2. Lead Wire and Pin for semiconductors:
3. Lead Wire and Pin for electronics:
Transformer, Inductor, Rectifier, Automobile Regulator, LED, Diode Terminal, Melf Slug, SMD Mini Melf Button.
4. Pin for connectors:
Square Pin, Pogo Pin, Round Pin, T-Type¡Ketc.
5. Product¡¦s finishing Coating:
Gold Plating, Silver Plating, Nickel Plating, Tin Plating, Solder Plating, Bare¡Ketc.


Sony Green Partner
4FL., No. 34, Lane 126, Sec. 3, Chung Ying Road, Tu-Cheng City, Taipei county, Taiwan, ROC.
TEL: +886-2-22688705¡@FAX: +886-2-22670905¡@Email:service@fico.com.tw